Parents, How do you feel about our digital future?


Would it be enough for you to read about a tree, listen online to wind whistle through the leaves and flip through screen after screen of photos? Or to really know what a tree truly is do you have to touch it, smell it and feel the shade on your face?

It’s no secret that the publishing industry is in the middle of a watershed moment as everyone navigates the shifting sands of print and digital content. I have to admit that while I find the irresistible allure screens present to young people troubling in some ways (get outside and play – it’s a beautiful day!) there is no turning back. Scholastic had admitted this as well by teaming up with Ruckus Media Group.

As a journalism grad turned graphic designer turned digital designer, this dynamic is one of the reasons I was attracted back to creative writing. The marriage of print books with digital technology offers near-limitless possibilities. Because the Tall Tale Factory is most interested in creating print-digital combinations, while at PNWA I made a point of asking agents about their viewpoints on this alliance so I can direct future query efforts accordingly.  It was obvious the profession is split in its feelings.

Like all parents, I am torn on this issue and continually encourage my children to find other activities that are not screen related. However, digital content can give them a richer experience. I look forward to exploring this new horizon with you.


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