Greetings and salutations readers! You are now entering the visitor’s section of the Tall Tale Factory, please keep your voices down because the Sleeping Bear next door is NOT fond of loud noises during naps. All Tall Tales originate here, before they take flight on the wind to you. I oversee the production here at the Tall Tale Factory, and I will be your tour guide during your visit. We do have several key employees, including two young staffers in charge of generating outrageous new ideas and commentary. They are capably assisted by our public relations department and head cheese accountant, Minnie. My right-hand man answers to “Dad”. He helps keep the Tall Tale Factory running smoothly with know-how, love, ice cream and the odd piece of duct tape. Enjoy your tour! Please feel free to ask questions at any time, just leave them for me in the Comments section.

Minnie demonstrates how we treat pipsqueaks who get out of line. . .


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